• Try to keep off the lawn until it has completely dried out
    • Rake up any leftover debris or dead leaves from last fall
    • Aerate the lawn in early spring to help with deep rooting
    • Apply a premium slow release lawn fertilizer
    • Apply Grass seed to sparse areas
    • If weeds become and problem use a weed and feed

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    • Follow watering and mowing suggestions listed below
    • Apply a premium slow release lawn fertilizer
    • Cut on a regular basis leaving at least 2”-3” in summer

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    • Follow watering and mowing suggestions listed below
    • Apply a premium winterizing fertilizer
    • This is also the best time to apply a premium seed

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    • We service Commercial or Residential properties throughout Calgary and area.


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  • Our Technicians are highly experienced, Lawn Care Professionals with years of experience.

    Power Lawn Maintenance is a Professional residential Calgary lawn care and commercial grounds maintenance company Serving Calgary and Area since 2004. We do everything from mowing lawns, sodding new lawns to commercial maintenance programs. We can provide you with your spring cleanup, aeration and power raking to get your lawn green, quickly this spring! Our deep core aeration services help revitalize your lawn and keep it healthy from season to season. Let us help you with the hard work of keeping your lawn, green and healthy.

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  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • We can come and clean up your leftover leaves or debris before summer begins. Call us for any clean up needs!

  • Whether your lawn is 600 sq feet or just small, we can take care of it. Call us for a quote on weekly maintenance.

  • Aerating is the removal of small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. It is often described as the most important thing you can do to create a healthy, thick, and robust lawn.

  • Your grass needs to be fed to grow thick and healthy. Let us provide your grass with the proper nutrients so it can be at its best.

  • Sharpen your blade every year to ensure nice clean cuts, mow about 2-3 inches high during normal summer season, raise the blade another 1” during hot weather, mow in the opposite direction every other mow, to ensure all grass is well cut.

  • Increases effectiveness of fertilizing, watering, and pest controls, getting best results with an early spring start. This promotes a thicker and healthier lawn, and is a great way to remove old grass and green up your lawn more quickly!

  • We can provide you with an instant new lawn with our sodding service. We specialize in new lawn installation and can provide you with a great price on sodding.

  • It’s important to apply a minimum of 1” of water at least 2 – 3 times a week. Water early in the morning or very late afternoon to avoid burning, water the entire area all way to hedges. Use an inverted Frisbee to measure if the correct amount of water is being applied.